Creating Value Through Pricing

Are these your problems:

  • Increasing raw material prices?
  • Supplier pressure?
  • Cost pressure from rising labor, energy, and transportation cost?
  • Erratic competitor behavior?
  • Customer pooling, customer pressure?

If so, we can help:

  • Understand your customer’s position
  • Understand your own position
  • Understand what actions you can take to improve your top-line

PriceMap is a tool designed to improve your specific situation.

How Does PriceMap Work?

PriceMap is a tool that transfers your customer data (net unit price, revenue, units sold, margin, etc) into three dimensional charts.

These charts provide an overview about where you stand with your customers. Grouping into 9 boxes will quickly reveal necessary actions to improve your top-line.

At the next step, these charts will be overlaid with similar charts of your R&D map (projects by customer groups), your sales personnel allocation to the customers, etc. This will display where and how you spend your time, resources, and money. And most importantly, whether you get the corresponding return where you invest with most of your resources.

Lastly, PriceMap will help visualize your improvement plan and will pave a path, so you can repeat the process in a reasonable timeframe (3 – 9 months) – depending on your business, your position in the market, and your actions.


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